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Real Money Online SlotsOnline slots are by far the most popular kind of online casino gambling game in Australia to date. To show their appreciation for the reel game, Aussie gamblers affectionately refer to slot machines as pokies. Slots machine games were the first gambling games to combine sound effects and flashing lights with the outcome of a bet. This feature remains prevalent in gambling slots games to-date, with enhanced visual graphics to bring the game to life. Adapted from the brick-and-mortar casino, online slots maintain the same process of inserting money, choosing a payline(s) and bet, concluding the procedure with pressing the spin button. While players may find it simple to play the gambling game, finding a good online casino is no easy task. That’s why we’ve sent our top researchers to find the best online casinos that pay out big and on time.

Top Online Slot Casinos Australia


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 Types of Online Slot Machines

Despite having similar processes with regards to placing wagers, slot machines vary from one to the next. The most popular options you will find in top-ranked Australian casino are:

Classic Slots

The classic slot machine relates to the traditional 3-reel slot machine with several payouts. Typically found in land-based casinos, players pull the side-handle to get the game started and the reel spinning.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are where dreams come true. The slot machines are linked  to one jackpot pool. A portion of each wager made by a player goes towards the jackpot prize. The jackpot amount reaches figures in the millions, appealing to the gambler’s ambitions to become an instant millionaire.

Video Slots

Operating on a digital platform, video slots take after video games. With more options than the classic slot machine, video slots range from 5, 7 and to even 9-reel slot gambling games with numerous paylines and bonuses.

3D Slots

As the name dictates, it refers to slot machines that have 3-dimensional visuals. Similar to the video slots, they offer the same variety of game with an enhanced visual display.

Variety of Slots Games

online slots

As much as there is a variety of slot machines to choose from, the types of slot gambling games on offer are immense. With top-ranked casino online, players get to choose between playing online slots games for free or using real money. Here’s the difference between free and real money slot games:

Free Online Slot Games

Online slot games have the widest range of games out of all casino gambling games. These options are available on demand, with special promotions from each casino leveraging different payouts and jackpots. The games are considered ‘free’ in terms of the absence of an obligation to deposit real money in order to play. However, following playing slot games and winning while using the casino free bonuses, a wagering requirement will be set in order to release the winnings. Players are also able to play most slots for free and practice the game. Players are given a bankroll and can enjoy the game, but they cannot cash out any winnings.

Online Slots for Real Money

To put newcomers to the gambling world at ease, online slots for real money are no different from the free slot games. The players still have a wide range of games they can wager on, with each spin constituting a chance to win big. With online slots for real money though, the stakes are that much higher, as it does mean that there are no free games or wagers. A player has to make an initial deposit with real money Australian dollars to play, where a single game can be played at a variety of stakes.

Top Online Slots Software Developers

Online slot games provide software developers with plenty of room to manoeuvre and, as a result, set themselves apart from the rest. This implies that there’s a wide range of visually stimulating pokies that gambling games software developers create that differ from one another. Some developers recreate games from popular movies, celebrities and all the way to Greek mythological characters. Here’s a list of some of the top software developers:

  • Microgaming
  • Real Time Gaming
  • Netent
  • Multi-Platform Casinos
  • Rival Online Casinos
  • Playtech Casinos

Best Aussie Online Slots Bonuses

With the Australian online gambling market seemingly crowded with dubious slot casino gambling sites, the best online slot casinos vindicate themselves with the types of bonuses they offer. Because not all casinos can offer big bonuses and jackpots, this marker is used to rate the top online casinos in Australia. Here are some of the bonuses that top-ranked online casinos offer:

Welcome Bonus

Upon completion of the designated fields in the registration process, online casinos offer gamblers welcome bonuses. This is the first promotion that online casinos use to entice new players to sign up to their casino. Welcome bonuses present the highest value in bonuses that an online casino can offer, with the casino able to match up to 100% or more of a newly registered player’s first deposit. Online gambling casinos set the cap up to hundreds of AU$s with regards to the first deposit they can match, attaching certain play-through requirements in the process.

No Deposit Bonus Slots

In cases where a player just recently got introduced to online slot games, no deposit bonuses allow the player to find their feet before they bind themselves financially to a bet. Simply by signing up, there is no obligation to deposit money in order to start playing online slot games. Players are urged to read up on the terms and conditions that relate to the withdrawal limit and simultaneous wagering requirement that go hand in hand with the bonus.

Deposit Bonus Slots

As the name indicates, this bonus is awarded on the bass that the online casino receives a deposit. To show their appreciation, gambling casinos online award an additional amount to the one a player deposits, usually calculated using a percentage structure. For instance, if a player deposits AU$100 and the deposit bonus is 10%, the casino will grant the player AU$110 to gamble with.

Free Spins

For online slot players that want to increase their bankroll without losing their money, free spins offer them the best chance of achieving that goal. This bonus is uniquely designed in the sole interest of online slot gambling. Free spins offer players the opportunity to spin the reel as many times as the casino allows without the need to deposit any money.

Loyalty Bonus

For the players that are loyal to a particular online casino, there are certain rewards that top online slot casinos grant. These rewards are calculated based on how frequent the online gambler plays at a particular casino over a period of months or years. They also dictate a player’s membership status at a casino (platinum or gold member), which in itself affects the bonuses that a player gets.

Online Slots Tips & Tricks

With the first invention of the slot machine dating back all the way to 1887, many gamblers have played the games and consequently figured certain tricks to improving their chances of winning. There has been no definitive data to prove that these tricks actually improve a player’s odds. However, they do offer some insight into how experts view slot machines. Here are a few tips on how to have the best time playing online slot games:

  • Take advantage of the bonuses – As online casinos purposefully include large bonuses to attract online players, players need to take advantage of the free spins or no deposit bonuses. This means that as bonuses such as no deposit are basically free money, the player needs to look out for top online casinos that offer the best no deposit and win big using the bonus.
  • Read the terms and conditions – terms and conditions with regards to slots games are very important. They relate to wagering requirements – which is something very important to know before you play – withdrawal and deposit limits that refer to the minimum and maximum amount required before a player can access their winnings.
  • Be Mindful of the jackpot – Our experts have found that there’s a correlation between the amount of a jackpot prize and the subsequent number of winners. While this is not fool-proof, there has been a relatively high number of people who win playing ‘smaller’ jackpots than the bigger ones.
  • Set a Limit – This relates to a set budget that a player predetermines before they begin to play slot machine games. Because a player may have to spin for a while before they can win, it is encouraged that they set a limit of how much real money they are going to spend.

Online Slots Glossary

Here are some commonly used terms and phrases in online slot games that we think might be useful for the slot game novice:

  • Hit – A hit is a payline grouping of numbers or symbols that lead to a win.
  • Payline – A payline refers to the line of a winning combination on the slot game machine.
  • Wagering requirement – This refers to a set amount of times a casino requires a player to bet in order to have access to their bonus winnings.
  • Wild: A wild refers to a symbol that will replace other symbols to help a player complete their winning combination.
  • Payout – The payout refers to the cash a slot machine will award a player for a specific win.

Online Slots Games FAQs

What is the difference between land-based slot machines and online slot machine games?

More than the fact that one is a physical machine and the other is on a digital platform, in online games you get to play for free and on the land-based casino that option does not exist. There’s also a larger game selection with huge payouts on online casinos than in brick-and-mortar casinos.

What is a Random Number Generator (RNG)?

A random number generator is a computer programme that randomly provides a combination of numbers or symbols in an online gambling casino game that determines the outcome of a spin.

Are online slot machines rigged?

Typically, with the use of RNG, the result of a spin cannot be predicted by the online casino. Moreover, top online casinos are licenced with third-party organisations that oversee the rendering of fairness in online casino games and procedures.

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