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Casino Games OnlinePlaying casino games often provides players with amazing experiences filled with a load of excitement, suspense and the opportunity of winning cash prizes. It is no surprise then that casino gaming has grown to become a very popular pastime for many Australians.

With the online casino space becoming an increasingly popular method through which to play casino games, it makes sense that there may be many Australians who may be looking to play casino games online but do not know where to start looking. It is for this reason that we at Casino-Aus have decided to create a list of some the most played online casino games in Australia as well as some of the best casinos to play them at.

Where To Play Casino Games Online For Real Money


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How Do We Pick The Australian Best Online Casinos?

When selecting casinos to recommend to our players, the team at Casino-Aus focuses on examining three core aspects of the casino: site safety and security, game selection and available bonus and promotion offers.

Site Safety and Security

At Casino-Aus, we know that some players may feel unsure about online casino games. Although the rush experienced when playing popular casino games may be very alluring, nobody wants to deal with their personal or financial information being stolen. It is for this reason that we put every casino we recommend through a rigorous vetting process, which includes determining whether the casino we recommend is indeed licensed.

Game Selection

Before suggesting a new casino to our players, we analyse the game catalogue of the casino in question. Players do not want to waste their time playing at casinos that do not offer an interesting selection of online gambling games or provide games that are of low-quality.

It is guaranteed that every casino we recommend to our players is sure to offer the best Australian casino games.Cards Casino Games

Bonuses and Promotions

Australians want to play casino games online for real money for as long as they possibly can, which means that they want to play at online casinos that provide them with offers that may potentially extend their play time.

This is why we look for the casinos that provide players with the best bonuses and promotions, so players can spend more time playing the best casino games online, without needing to spend any extra cash.

How To Play Real Casino Games Online Australia

Online casinos are accessible through download or internet browser. This means that all Aussies need to play the most popular casino games is a stable internet connection. Once you’re connected to the internet, you can gamble away with the best real money casino games.

Australian Casino Game Guides

Types of Casino Games
Types of Casino Games
Gambling at online casinos is a popular hobby for many Aussies. With a variety of online casino games for real money available to Australian players, there is definitely something for everybody at the best casino sites.

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Helpful Advice For Australians Playing Casino Games Online

If you are new to the online gambling space, it is important to always remember the following advice before registering at any online casino:

  • Make sure that the casino games site is licensed and regulated by an accredited governing body. Playing at unlicensed sites could mean playing games that are rigged or the casino never pays out your winnings.
  • Research a casino’s game catalogue before depositing any money into an online casino account. The last thing you want to do is to deposit large sums of money at a casino dedicated to pokies when you want to play table games.
  • Play your favourite casino games for free before spending any money. The online experience may differ slightly to what is seen in a land-based casino, so it important that you learn how to play online casino games before gambling with real money.

Types of Casino Games

Online Pokies

Pokies are exceedingly popular in Australia. Is it any surprise when these games blend gambling with exciting themes, amazing visuals and awe-inspiring soundtracks to provide awe-inspiring experiences?

Get access to the best online pokie games at the top Australian online casinos. Play 3-reel, 5-reel, 3-D and progressive pokies with the online gambling sites. With literally hundreds of games to choose from, you will never be bored.

Online Pokies Casino Games
Online Pokies
Pokies are largely considered to be Australia’s favourite casino game within land-based. This fact is also true for online casinos. Pokies have developed exponentially since the first machine was created, with a number of variations now being offered to players.

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Online Roulette

Spin the wheel and win at Australia’s best casino sites! Aussies can play every major variation of the game online, including French, European and American roulette. With the game also providing all players with amazing odds, it will be difficult not to tempted into trying to get a few big wins here.

If you miss the thrill of human variables in the game, why not try playing with a live dealer online? You will not be disappointed!

Online Roulette Australia
Roulette is one of a few highly-recognisable classic casino games. The game has been enjoyed by players in land-based casinos across the world for many years, with the game spawning a few different variations, including American, European and French roulette.
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Online Blackjack

Blackjack has always been regarded as one of the most popular casino card games. With the game being as easy as it to play and providing wonderful odds, it is little wonder that many Aussies seek to play it online.

Play every popular variation of blackjack online, including the version most popular in Australia: Pontoon!

Online Blackjack Real Money
A casino card game regarded as one of the easiest to learn. As with poker, there are some different variations available to players including Vegas Strip Blackjack, Super Fun 21 and Australia’s very own version of Pontoon.
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Online Poker

Many Aussies believe that poker is probably the best casino card game of all time. The amount of strategy involved in the game means that Aussies do actually have limited control over whether they win or not.

Play every popular variation of poker online in Australia, including variations such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Five-Card Draw and many others.

Poker Online
This classic card game considered to be one of the best casino games in the world because of the amount of skill involved in the game. A multitude of variations of poker have been created since the game was first introduced.
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Online Baccarat

Play online baccarat and feel like one of Australia’s top high rollers at any one of the nation’s top online gambling sites. With no queues holding you back from playing this ultra-fashionable card game, you will have all the chance in the world to try out this famous game.

With all the best version available online (including Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Banque), Aussie players will soon be able to become baccarat champions!

Play Real Money Baccarat Online
Like blackjack, baccarat is also a very easy game to learn how to play. Gifting casinos with a very low house edge, players have a significant chance of winning bets.
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Online Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a popular poker variation derived from a popular Ancient Chinese gambling game known simply as Pai Gow. Hand variations are similar to those seen in more frequently played versions of poker but includes an additional playable hand know as the Dragon Hand.

Online Pai Gow Poker is available at many different Australian online casinos, and its Aussie gamblers should be itching to play this amazing game!

Play Online Pai Gow Poker
Pai Gow Poker
This classic card game considered to be one of the best casino games in the world because of the amount of skill involved in the game. A multitude of variations of poker have been created since the game was first introduced.
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Online Craps

All you need to play craps is a pair of dice and another person, and you’re good to go. With AU online casinos it is now even easier to play this amazing dice game as now you don’t even need a second player.

We promise that any Aussie player who decides to try online craps is sure to have an astounding time while doing so.

Play Real Money Craps Online
Craps is considered to be one of the most accessible forms of gambling, with players only requiring a set of dice to play it. Since its inception, craps has grown to become a staple at land-based casinos around the world.
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Online Sic Bo

Although Sic Bo is much harder to play than craps, the dice game is still relatively popular with Australian online casino players. Perhaps, it’s the game’s difficulty that makes it so appealing to Aussie gamblers or perhaps it’s the fact that the game is purely based on luck. The fact remains that Aussies love Sic Bo!

Find the best online Sic Bo game you’ve ever played at Australia’s top online casinos (which are conveniently listed above.)

Play Real Money Sic Bo Online
Sic Bo
It is said that Sic Bo is a game strongly based on chance, with every dice roll resulting in a potential win or loss. Some reputable online casinos offer players the chance to play Sic Bo online.
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Online Bingo

Online bingo is not just for your church’s fundraisers! Play this popular lottery gambling game online and win big. With so many Aussie players already knowing the basics of the game, there really is no reason not to try and win some grand cash prizes online.

Get the exhilarating feeling of playing bingo with other players without even having to go to attend any fundraisers!

Online Bingo Real Money
Bingo is one of the most popular lottery-styled casino games in the world. The game’s simplicity and unpredictable nature has made it extremely popular with Aussie players in the online casino realm.
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Live Casino Games Australia

The one thing many Australians fear missing out on when playing casino games through an online casino is the ability to interact with other people. For many, interacting with other people only adds to the experience.

Players who seek this find this feature in the online casino gaming space have nothing to be worried about. Many online casinos offer players the chance to play table games with a real-life dealer and players. In this way, Australians play their favourite casino games online, but still feel the rush associated with playing with real people.

Common Questions Regarding Online Casino Games

Are online casino games fair?

If an Australian plays internet casino games at a casino which is licensed by accredited governing bodies, then any game played should be fair. Always be sure to play at casinos that have such certifications, or you may find yourself playing casino games that you have no chance of winning.

Where should I play casino games for real money online?

There are many online casino games Australia websites that offer players the chance to play for real money. To get the best casino gaming experience, we recommend that players use one of our affiliates to play their favourite casino games online.

What are the best casino games to play online?

The best casino game is a game that provides players with a fun, memorable experience and leaves you wanting to return to the game sometime in future. Such experiences can be gained through playing pokies, card games, dice games or roulette.

The best advice is probably to play many games and see what you enjoy most.

Which online casino games provide players with the best chance of winning big payouts?

Although some games are known to provide players with healthier betting odds, there is no real way of determining which games provide players with the best payouts. Some games, such as pokies, have been known to provide players with the chance of winning massive payouts, but as there is limited strategy involved with such games. It is thus impossible to say that those are the games that provide players with the best chance of winning a big payout.

Can I play free casino games online?

Australians can play free casino games online. Many casinos offer players the chance to play their favourite online casino games for free. This helps players learn how to play games online before spending any money.

Can I play mobile casino games for real money?

Many online casinos are accessible on mobile. This means that it is possible for Australians to play mobile casino games for real money (or for free) wherever they take their phone with them.

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