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Online scratchie games have become a popular favourite of Australian online gamblers over the last few years. With the game being so simple to understand and play, this fact is hardly surprising. Literally, all players need to do when they play the top scratch cards online is reveal the pattern being covered by an opaque layer. If players are lucky to see a winning pattern under the layer, they are in for an exciting cash prize.

Real Money Scratch Cards Australia

Some Aussie gamblers may be unfamiliar with the concept of playing an online scratch off for real money, which is why we have created this comprehensive guide to playing online. Here players will find out how to play scratchies online as well as answers to all the most popular questions related to the game.

Play Scratchies Online at these Top Australian Casinos

These are the best casino sites to play real money scratch offs online:


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How to Play Instant Scratchies Online

Most casinos offer Aussies the chance to play various different scratch cards online. All gamblers need to do to play online is sign up at a gambling site that actually allows them to buy scratch cards online. Players will find that scratch card lottery games are usually located in a casino’s casual games section (also sometimes named “Other”.)

Once you have verified that the site does offer win real money scratch cards, all you’ll need to do is sign up to the casino and deposit money into your account. If you’re lucky, you may even find a site with a free scratch and win deal (or simply a no deposit bonus.) With these deals, Australian players can play online scratch off games for real money for free. (These deals are relatively hard to find though.)

Online Scratchie Rules

Most online scratchie games tend to follow the same sort of basic rules with very slight differences. The following is complete walkthrough of playing online scratch and win games:

  1. Set Your Wager – when you play scratch offs online for real money, you will sometimes be asked to set an amount you would like to bet on the before scratching off the result. This may act as a multiplier for anything you win.
  2. Scratch It Online – once you’ve made your wager, it is time to reveal the numbers at the back of the scratch off real money card. Aussie players can either do this themselves or with a computer auto-prompt.
  3. Play Again – now that the real scratch off online results has been revealed, you can claim your winnings (if you have won anything) and play again.

Types of Scratch Card Games

There are many different types of win money online scratch cards available at the top Aussie casinos. Some of the most popular options include the following:

  • Treasure Tree
  • Banana Jones
  • Scratcherz
  • Crypt Crusade
  • Star Raiders


Play Free Scratch Cards Games Online

While many Australians want to experience  the excitement of playing real online scratch offs, not every player wants to do so for real money. However, there is no reason to fear as there are many free alternatives to playing online scratchers for real money.

Many casinos allow players to try online scratch cards free of any charge in the free mode. This means Aussies can play the best online scratch tickets to their heart’s content without ever having to worry about losing any money.

Some casinos also offer no deposit bonuses which allow Aussies to try their hand free scratch off games for real money without even making a deposit. The no deposit bonus gives gamblers the chance to play a free scratch game and take home the money if they should win. It is important to remember that deals with free cash scratch cards are somewhat difficult to find, but should players find one, they definitely need to give it ago.


Best Online Scratchie Bonuses

There are many online scratch card bonuses to take advantage of at the top Australian casinos. Some such bonuses include the following:

  • Play Free Scratch Cards Win Real Money No Deposit Bonus – this offer allows Aussies to play a free scratch card game with the chance of winning real money. This means that players don’t even have to spend any of their own money to win anything. It is important to note that it is very difficult to find casinos with free scratch cards no deposit required but when you do be sure to give the game a go.
  • Best Online Scratch Cards Welcome Bonus – all the top-rated real scratch card casinos provide Aussie players with a signup bonus upon making their first deposit. This offer generally works with a matching system.

Virtual Scratch Cards History

While the concept of online scratch to cash games is a relatively recent addition to the casino gaming industry, scratch cards themselves have been available to Aussie gamblers for decades.

The unique form of gambling was invented sometime during the 1960s in the United States, where free scratchies grew to become a relatively popular manner of promoting new in-store deals. These cards were relatively different to the scratch cards currently used today, which are were created in 1987 by two men named John Koza and Daniel Bower.

Since then, lottery scratch card games have grown to become extremely popular throughout the world, including Australia. Today, Aussies can buy scratch off tickets online for real money at any of the top online gambling sites.


Online Scratch Cards Australia FAQs

Are online scratchcard games rigged?

As long as you play instant scratch cards at a reputable casino site, you are sure to encounter a fair online gambling experience. Reputable casino sites are those who are authorised by trusted governing bodies.

Where can I buy scratchies online?

Aussies can play the best online scratch games at any of the above-mentioned casinos. Our experts have tested the games at each of these casinos and have determined that Aussie players can get access to great real money scratchies there.

Which are the best scratchies to buy?

There are a number of great winning scratch cards out there. With regards to the best online scratch card games, Treasure Tree and Scratcherz have created a fair amount of instant scratchies winners.

What are the odds of winning scratchies?

Online scratchies odds are much higher than that seen in the land-based version of the game. Most online scratch off games win real money tend to post RTP percentages between 95% and 96%.

Can I play scratch cards for free?

The top instant-win scratch cards casinos do allow Aussie to play casino games online for free. Remember that it is always in your own interest to try scratch cards online free of any charge before playing real money games. In this way, you can learn how to play the game without making any unnecessary, costly errors.

There are also scratch cards online free no deposit Australia offers that allow gamblers to play free scratchcard games with the chance of winning a real money prize. It is worth noting though that free scratch cards real money games can be somewhat difficult to find.

Are there any notable instant scratchies results?

It is very difficult to calculate how many people win on scratch cards each year as there many players who make small gains. It is for this reason that some Aussies tend to believe that only pokies and table games offer high rewards, but this is simply untrue. There are loads of very notable scratchie winners. Players have won millions of AU$ simply revealing patterns on scratch it cards and you could too when playing the top scratch and win cards online.

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