Betsoft Releases New Pokie Called Max Quest: Wrath of Ra

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra is the latest pokie game to be added to the already impressive Betsoft library. Set to be released on 2 November, the game has been labelled a “revolution” within online casino gaming. Betsoft Marketing Director, Annamaria Anatasi stated that the development team have combined some of the very best elements [...]

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5 Spooky Pokie Games to Play this Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, people around the world have begun to embrace their spooky side by engaging in everything scary. Horror movie marathons, lolly feasts and pranks are the norms for many Australians during this time of year. Fans of Halloween who are also avid online pokie players should note that they can [...]

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Australian Capital Territory Reports Reduction in Gambling Regulation Misconduct

The Australian Capital Territory’s (ACT) Gambling and Racing Commission recently revealed that instances of gambling law breaches have been reduced by 88% over the past four years. The regulatory board suggested that the decline may have come as result of an increase in focus on gambling-harm awareness initiatives as opposed to penalising offenders with fines. [...]

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Quickspin Release Ark of Mystery Pokie Game

Australian players can look forward to going on a journey similar to that seen in Steven Spielberg’s classic Indiana Jones films in Quickspin’s new adventure-based pokie game, Ark of Mystery. In this exciting new slot, players follow lead character Anne as she attempts to unlock all of Ancient Egypt’s most desired treasures. Ark of Mystery [...]

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Pokies Losses Reaches New Record in Victoria

The state of Victoria has posted a new record high for money lost on pokie machines with a figure of AU$246.2 million – a 5.3% increase from the figure posted the same time last year. The news was revealed by the anti-gambling group, Alliance for Gambling Reform, on Tuesday. The group has labelled the figure [...]

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Northern Territory to Research Problem Gambling and Community Impact

Australia’s Northern Territory will be carrying out a new study into the potentially harmful effects of problem gambling on the lives of those within the local community. The new research will be a collaborative work carried out by two groups, namely, Roy Morgan Research and Menzies School of Health Research. The aim of the proposed [...]

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Video Game Loot Boxes Are Gambling Says New Study

A recent study published by the Australian Environment and Communications References Committee (ECRC) has concluded that video game loot boxes and gambling are indeed linked. The study, which was conducted earlier this year, surveyed over 7 500 people. Consequently, it was determined that problem gamblers are more likely to spend more cash on loot box-like features. [...]

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Aussies Lose More Than AU$12 Billion on Pokies Each Year

The Queensland Government Statistician’s Office recently released some data regarding the spending habits of Australians in relation to gambling for the 2015/2016 financial year. In the state government’s report, it was revealed that Australians lost a massive AU$12 billion on pokie machines throughout the country for that period. The figure amounts to almost half the [...]

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Skill-Based Pokie Machines Headed to Australia

Following a recent report published by the Sydney Morning Herald, it seems as if the newly created skill-based pokie machines will soon be making an appearance on Australian casino floors. The new machines, which have already been introduced in popular casino venues throughout the United States, will supposedly be targeting Millennial gamblers. Crown Resorts and [...]

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