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Best Paying Online Casinos AustraliaAs the point of playing real money casino games is to win cash, it is no surprise that many Aussies focus on finding a site that offers the best casino payouts. Before making a decision, players should make sure they understand what casino percentages are and why they are important. They should also know why they should always play casino games online at casinos that have been audited.

In an attempt to help ensure Australians have the best online gambling experience, we here at Casino-Aus have created a guide to help new players understand these concepts. With this guide, players will encounter no problems in finding casino options with the best online casino payouts.

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Understanding Casino Payout Percentages

Payout percentage is a term many casino players may have heard of before but may not quite understand as of yet. Quite simply, payout percentage refers to the amount a casino pays out to its players in relation to the amount wagered.

Although it is possible for payout percentages to fluctuate (with figures even going over 100%), most online casinos post monthly percentages between 93% and 98%.

Payout percentages can also be worked out for each online casino game. Table games are known to provide players with the highest payout percentages, with baccarat, poker, roulette and blackjack all posting percentages between 97% and 99%. Pokies, however, are known to provide players with the lowest payout percentage at 95%.

For the biggest chance of winning large payouts, Aussies should search for casinos with the highest slot payout. It should, however, keep in mind that the figures mentioned above are relevant to casino games played in the online space.

Why Are Online Casino Payout Percentages So Important?

Casino payout percentages help Aussies determine odds of winning when playing casino games through a particular website.

As online casinos update payout percentages monthly, Australian players should make a habit of checking these figures at all of their favourite online casino best payouts sites. One may find that a particular casino regularly posts higher percentages than its competitors. It is in the player’s interest to use casino websites that consistently posts high percentages. Playing at a casino with higher percentages means a better chance of actually seeing a return on the money one has spent while gambling.

However, Aussies must not get confused with regards to what a payout percentage represents. It is always important to remember that payout percentages do not guarantee that a player will see a return on a wager but rather only help in indicating high payout casinos.

Online Casinos Best Payouts

How the Top Payout Casinos Are Audited

Before registering to play your favourite casino games at any casino online best payout website you can find, it is important that you ensure that the website has been audited by an accepted online gambling body.

Players who neglect to check whether the online casinos they use have been audited risk playing at sites with falsified percentage figures. In the worst-case scenarios, playing at an unaudited online casino could mean playing games that are rigged to ensure players never win.

While there are many online casino testing authorities, some of the most commonly used include the following:

  • eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) is considered to be the leading certification body in the online gambling space. When calculating an online casino’s payout percentage, the organisation uses software that extracts payout data from the casino’s server. This information is then used to calculate payout percentage reports for the casino overall as well as each game.
  • Technical Systems Testing (TST) is a recognised organisation that provides testing services to the online gaming industry. The organisation works in ensuring that casino games run by the mandate set out by authorities within a regional jurisdiction. This includes ongoing game payout verification.
  • iTech Labs is an online gaming testing agency whose services include calculating return to player calculations. Through using an online casino’s game logs, the agency is able to determine a casino’s payout percentage accurately.

Aussies are easily able to see if an online casino has been audited by a respected online casino testing authority in two manners. Players can either look for a testing authority’s logo at the bottom of the casino’s homepage or by searching for the casino on the authority’s website.

How to Find the Best Payouts Online Casinos Australia

There are a few factors Australians need to keep in mind when searching for the best online casino that payout. Such factors include:

  • Ensuring that the online casino is trustworthy (i.e. that it is audited by an accredited testing authority.)
  • Determining that the game library is suitable to your needs. (You don’t want to register at an online casino that only allows Aussie to play pokies when you want to play roulette.)
  • Comparing bonus schemes to get the most out of your playtime. The best Australian online casinos provide players with great bonuses and payout percentages.
  • Studying banking methods to ensure that winnings are paid out to players as quickly as possible. Nobody wants to use an online casino that takes an inordinate amount of time to pay out players.

Best Online Casino Payouts

With these ideas in mind, Aussies are sure to play their favourite casino games at Australia’s best online casinos soon. For the highest payout online casino experience, Casino-Aus recommends that players use one of our affiliates.

Best Payout Online Casino Australia FAQs

Which is the highest paying online casino in Australia?

Many Australian online casinos offer players good payout percentages. As searching for the best online casino may seem overwhelming for some, a list of the best payout casinos in Australia is already available on this page.

Which casino games offer the highest payouts?

While table games usually provide players with higher odds, pokies provide players with the best online casino payouts overall regarding sum. The highest payout slot machines have been known to provide Aussies with some massive wins.

With regards to payout percentages, casino card games, such as poker, baccarat and blackjack, offer the highest average percentage with a total of 99%.

How does the average payout percentage at online casinos differ from that seen in land-based casinos?

As online casinos tend to have fewer overheads than a land-based casino, the payout percentage seen at such casinos tends to be higher.

Simply stated, land-based casinos tend to maintain payout percentages between 60% and 75%. Although average payout percentages at online casinos may fluctuate, it will never be lower than 93%. With such high average payout percentages, it is no wonder many Australians are growing increasingly interested in the online casino space.

How quickly are winnings paid out at online casinos?

This depends on the online casino and payment method being used as well as the player’s bank. Most of the best online casino sites on average take about three days to payout, depending on which withdrawal method has been selected. Players, however, will never find an instant payout casino.

There are, however, some sites that may take longer than three days. It is for this reason that players should always check this information before signing up to a new online casino.

Are there any online casino minimum requirements that need to be met for the casino to payout?

As with payout speeds, the minimum amount required for a payout may differ depending on which online casino a player is using. All of this information should be provided on an online casino’s webpage and is accessible before signing up.

Why is it important to play at audited online casinos?

Aussies should only ever play at online casinos which have been audited by accredited online gaming authorities. Players who neglect to do this open themselves up to playing at casinos which provide false information regarding payout percentages and may even rig casino games.