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Keno Online AustraliaWhile keno online is not really the title most would think of first when thinking about casino table games, it is still a popular option among Australians gamblers. Whether in a land-based casino, or the online casino space, keno remains a poplar game here in Australia.

Although keno may not be the most recognisable casino game, there are still many Australians who may wish to play the game online (either as first-time or experienced players), but do not know where to start searching. We at Casino-Aus have attempted to make this search somewhat simpler by creating a keno online guide, which not only lists the best online keno sites, but also providing a few useful tips and facts about the game.

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How To Play Keno Online Australia

It is very easy to play online keno for money or for free in Australia. All a prospective player needs to do find the online keno site best suited to their needs, open the site’s page in their preferred web browser and then simply start playing.

It is very easy to see that all that is required to have the best online casino gaming experience is a stable internet connection. If you already have that, then you are ready to start your next keno online game whenever you like.

However, as previously mentioned, keno is generally not as popular as other casino game favourites, such as pokies, roulette, blackjack, or craps. Thus, it is very important to make sure that the online casino you would like to use does actually have the game available before depositing any money into an account. For the best keno online experiences, we recommend Australians use one of our affiliate casinos.

Online Keno Strategies for Australians

Online Keno

Despite what some may try to have you believe, keno is not a strategic game. Similar to roulette in the fact that it is game solely based on chance, there are no steps a player is able to follow that will ensure a win.

There are, however, a number of tips players are able to make use of that will help ensure that they get the most out of an online keno experience. The following are some such tips:

  • It is important to study an online casino’s keno payout chart before you decide on where to play. Performing this action will not only help players understand the rules the casino makes use of (for example, how many matched numbers are required to win any money), but also how much it is possible to win on wagers. Players should aim to find the online casino with the highest payouts and payout percentages to maximise their winnings.
  • Although keno numbers are always randomly selected, it may be beneficial to stick to a set of numbers for each game. It is possible that some numbers (by chance) may come up more frequently than others and sticking to a specific set of numbers may help a player identify these patterns more easily.
  • Before starting any online keno game, you should always remember to set a budget. This means setting a maximum amount of money you would like to spend during a singular gaming session. Players who set budgets are less likely to overspend while gambling. If you should lose all the money you have budgeted for a session, do not try to win it back as it could lead to you losing even more money.
  • Australians should remember that a big part of being a responsible gambler is ensuring that you do not make any reckless wagers. This means not making wagers which are needlessly large, especially in a game such as keno, which is strongly based on luck. Making a number of large bets could lead to unexpectedly short gaming sessions.
  • Whenever searching for an online casino to play your favourite casino games, it is important to pay attention to the bonuses each casino has on offer. Bonuses help extend your gaming session, so it is in your own interest to find the casino that provides you with the best bonuses.

History of Keno

Keno is considered to be one of the oldest currently played gambling games, despite its origins still be largely debated by historians. Currently, the most popularly accepted rendition suggests that although the word “keno” has Latin roots, the earliest keno game was most likely played in China over 3000 years ago.

A legend associated with this idea suggests that the game had been invented as a means through which to raise funds to build the Great Wall of China as a long ongoing war had wreaked havoc on the state’s finances. Supposedly, the invention of the game allowed the Emperor to raise enough money to build the wall and save a city from being taken.

Since this time, the game has been able to spread across the world, growing into a heavily played game available in casinos throughout the world.

Although keno is now a very different game, having gone through a number of changes since its inception, it is still able to provide players with a thrilling experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Keno?Keno Online

Keno is a game very similar in style to a lottery. The rules of the game are rather simple; players select a range of numbers on a card, and then numbers are drawn at random. Ultimately, players win wagers by guessing numbers correctly.

Where Can I Play Keno Online Australia?

Several online casinos offer Australians the opportunity to play keno online for money. We recommend that you use one of our trusted affiliates for all your keno needs.

Can You Play Keno Online Free of Any Charge?

It is possible to play keno games free online. While free keno online games may not offer players the chance to win any money, these titles still offer players the same thrilling experiences received from playing for real money.

There are a number of sites do offer Australians free keno games to play from the comfort of their own home.

How Does Real Money Keno Online Work?

The online keno experience is very similar to that seen in land-based casinos, with the only exception possibly being in the manner which numbers are drawn. In land-based casinos, it is possible for numbers to be drawn through a number of different methods, including the use of a ball machine or a random number generator, whereas an online casino makes use generator.

It is also important to note that a player will always have the same odds when playing keno, regardless of whether the game is being played in a land-based or online casino.

Is Online Gambling Safe?

It is safe for Australians to play keno online for real money as long as they play at a secure online casino. Secure online casinos are those which are licensed and regulated by accredited online gambling organisations, meaning that when online gamblers play at these casinos, it is ensured that any information shared with the casino will be kept confidential and prospective winnings paid out.

If you choose to play at an unregulated online casino, neither of these two promises are guaranteed. Therefore, it is always important to make sure that the online casino you choose to play your favourite casino games at secure is indeed certified.

How Can I Make Sure I Always Win Online Keno?

As with keno played in land-based casinos, there are no available fool proof strategies that will ensure you win online keno games. Quite simply, if players could ensure that they won gambling games, it would not be gambling.

With this said, there are a few tips players can use to ensure that they make the most of out of their online gambling experience (such as those mentioned above.)

Keno Glossary For Australian Players

  • Caller – a term used to refer to the person in a land-based casino drawing and calling out the numbers in a keno game.
  • Closed – a term used to refer to the period in a keno game just before the numbers are about to be called. As the term may imply, players, are unable to place any new bets during this period of the game.
  • Bankroll – a term used to refer to the amount of money a player has set aside for a gambling session.
  • Goose –the machine that draws the numbers in a keno game within a land-based casino.
  • Way Ticket –a keno ticket with more than one bet.
  • Writer – a term used to refer to the person in charge of controlling a keno game within a land-based casino. Responsibilities may include collecting tickets and bets and paying out winners.