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The progressive jackpot is best known for turning Australian gamblers’ dreams into reality. Merely from a numbers point of view, a progressive jackpot gives Aussie players the opportunity to win a jackpot that keeps on getting bigger with each bet. Aside from winning the lottery, the progressive jackpot is essentially the only way Aussie online gamblers can strike it big and win millions of dollars at an online casino. Also, since the game resets back to the lowest value and starts rising again, there is no telling how many times a player can win.

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What is a Progressive Jackpot

A progressive jackpot is a casino game that has no fixed jackpot. As Aussie gamblers play the casino game and continually place bets, a fraction of each wager is transferred to the jackpot. The jackpot accumulates in worth until the point where a player wins the massive prize. This means that there is no limit to how much the jackpot can be, easily making progressive jackpot one of the most popular online casino games among Aussie gamblers. Nowadays, the number of connected games stretches way into the thousands, from multiple casinos online to land-based casinos, all feeding into the same pot.

What You Should Know About Progressive Jackpot

Because players stand a chance of becoming an instant millionaire without actually spending a lot of money, Australian gamblers love to play progressive jackpot pokies games more than any other casino game. has compiled a list of things you should know beforehand when playing progressive jackpot slot machines.

  • Setting a budget for how much money you are going to use should be part of every player’s playbook before playing any casino games. Since you do not know how long it will take before hitting the jackpot, the quantity of one’s budget reflects the how long they are most likely to remain in the game and their betting value.
  • Game Knowledge – While we do not discourage trying out new online gambling games, we recommend that progressive pokies players proceed to play games they know something about. As big progressive jackpot requires real money wagers, it is advisable that a player equips themselves with information that could be of some help when playing the game.

The information that a player needs beforehand is also associated with the kind of progressive jackpot they are playing.

Types of Progressive Jackpot

Although the general premise of the progressive jackpot is shared among all the different versions, there is a marginal variation to each game. Here’s a list of the different types of progressive jackpot:

Progressive Pokie Games Online Australia

Stand Alone Progressive

The stand-alone progressive jackpot refers to the jackpot that only increases in value when players play that specific casino game. This type of progressive jackpot is only accessible in land-based casinos. Although it may be in the same section, it is not connected to other casino games. Based on the fact that they do not share the appeal of other progressive jackpots because they are not linked to a similar jackpot, a stand-alone jackpot pokies machine is hard to find. Consequently, since the casino game is a rare find, the jackpot value is relatively low as well.

Local/In-House Progressive

As the name suggests, in-house progressive jackpot signifies a number of games that will be linked together, commonly placed next to one another in a row, within the same casino floor. It is exclusively found in land-based casinos and not accessible for online gamblers. The number of connected casino games varies from one casino to the other, with the number reaching as many as one hundred pokies machines. All these machines contribute to the same jackpot and it is very popular among Australia brick-and-mortar gamblers.

Wide Area Progressive

Wide area progressive jackpot is for slot games that are connected from different online and land-based casinos, with both contributing towards the same jackpot. It remains the fastest growing jackpot, seemingly reaching millions of dollars in short spaces of time.

Progressive Jackpot Table Games

Despite the popularity of progressive jackpot pokies games, progressive jackpots are also found in table games. Progressive jackpot for table games do not share the same popularity, and this statistic is reflected in the jackpot value. Not a lot of casinos offer progressive jackpot for games like poker, roulette, blackjack, making it harder to find them. Progressive jackpot for video poker, on the other hand, has much approval among online gamblers.

Progressive Jackpot Tips

If you have desires of retiring early and living luxuriously, the progressive jackpot is the best option for Australian gamblers. As with any casino game, the odds are stacked against every player, with the winner of the huge jackpot few and far between. The odds of winning the jackpot are similar to those of winning the lottery! Previous winners and experts have contributed towards the collection of certain tricks to make the game much more exciting for the player. In all honesty, there is really not much that a player can do to increase their chance of winning but in trying to win, there are ways of having fun doing so.

  • Always opt for the maximum bet – In the event that you hit the jackpot but did not bet the maximum value, you will only be eligible for a fraction of that amount. It will be a day to remember, but it will be one of regret.
  • Understanding the terms and conditions – It cannot be stressed enough how the small fine print on every online casino is included for the Aussie player’s aid. These conditions generally relate to the maximum withdrawal amount that is specified and is different from one casino to the next. Generally speaking, progressive jackpots are exempt from the withdrawal amounts, but it’s better to check. It could be the difference between spending a lifetime withdrawing fractions of your jackpot value or living a life you always dreamed of. Thus, reading the rules before you play ought to be a prerequisite for all Australian online gamblers.

Progressive Jackpot FAQs

How does the progressive jackpot work?

Every time an online player clicks ‘spin’, a fraction of their stake goes towards the jackpot pool. The progressive jackpot grows in value, getting bigger each time until a player wins. This is common theme among all the progressive jackpot games.

What are the most popular progressive jackpot games?

Mega Moolah is undoubtedly the most popular progressive jackpot. Part of its attraction is that it has the biggest jackpot in the world and is spearheaded by the leading online casino games developer Microgaming.

What makes progressive jackpots popular?

The general appeal of progressive jackpot games is the jackpot sum. The value increases with each player vying to win the jackpot, motivating the next player to try their luck.

Can I win playing progressive jackpot?

Yes, you can win. There are a number of winners that have won the jackpot in the past, and subsequently became millionaires. However, they are few and far between, hence the jackpot stands at millions of dollars.