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American Express is a well-known financial service provider which is largely known for the issuing of credit cards and traveller’s checks. Many Aussie gamblers enjoy using their American Express card to fund their online casino gaming sessions. This is due to the speed at which transactions take place, along with the many other benefits.

On this page, we aim to make Aussie players aware of all of the advantages and disadvantages of using American Express casinos. We also provide a guide on how to make deposits into your online gambling account along with answers to some frequently asked questions related to the casino banking method.

Top Australian Casinos That Accept American Express

Casinos That Accept American Express

How to Deposit Using American Express Cards

Some Aussies may be unsure of how to make deposits at online gambling sites using Amex cards, but the process is very simple. Just follow our guide, and you’ll be placing wagers to your heart’s content in no time. The guide to American Express card deposits reads as follows:

  • First things first, find an Amex friendly casino site. Remember that not all online gambling sites offer the same banking options, so it is important to find a site that does offer your preferred banking method (which in this case would be American Express.) For a list of the best Amex casino online sites, be sure to check out any of the casinos displayed on this page.
  • Once you have done that, navigate yourself towards the site’s casino banking section. There you will find a full list of instructions on how to make American Express payments at the casino site.
  • With the speed at which Amex transactions are processed, the only thing that Aussie players will need to deal with that may take long is finding which game they would like to play first.

Advantages of American Express Deposits and Withdrawals

There are many benefits to using an Amex card to fund your online gambling exploits. The following are some of the perks many Aussie players will find most beneficial:

  • Aussie players can expect to play their favourite casino games almost instantly after making an American Express deposit. The quick transaction processing times means that waiting times are kept at a minimum.
  • American Express makes use of different card levels that allow holders to increase spending limits. Amex online casinos accommodate Aussie players who choose to make use of such cards by increasing player deposit limits.
  • American Express players are able to earn rewards on their accounts by simply funding their online gambling habit. This means that even if you don’t win with your Amex casino account, at least you will with your card transaction history.
  • Aussie players are able to easily track their spending on their American Express card with the Amex app. This means spending more than you intend to on a single gaming session is much harder as you are consistently aware of how much money you are using at one time.

Disadvantages of Using American Express Cards

Unfortunately, there are a few disadvantages to making AMEX deposits at AU casino sites. The following are the most notable:

  • American Express online casinos aren’t as popular as Visa or Mastercard casinos. This means that if Aussie players make use of American Express card, or at the very least prefer to make payments with it, they are going to have a bit of difficult time finding a casino that accommodates this need.
  • As with other debit and credit card casino banking options, Aussie players are required to share personal information when making use of their Amex card. Not all players may be too happy about this fact.

American Express Casino FAQs

Have a question about playing real money casino games online with American Express? Have a look at our FAQs!

Do all casino sites take American Express?

Unfortunately, not all casino sites accept American Express. It’s for this reason that it is very important to have a look at whether a site does actually accept your preferred banking method before signing up.

How do I check if an online gambling site accepts American Express?

To check the banking options available at a casino, just navigate towards the banking page. There you should find a full list of the banking options available to Aussie players.

Which are the best Amex casinos online?

While it is very difficult to say which is the best Amex casino, we can say with certainty that the casinos we provide on this page are among the best available to Aussie players today.

Is online gambling with my Amex accounts safe?

As long as you play at a casino site that is registered, regulated and audited by appropriate industry governing bodies, you will always be safe gambling online.

Are there any extra fees when making American Express withdrawals and deposits?

Other than the casino’s transaction processing fee and the standard card fees associated with using an Amex card, Aussie players really shouldn’t incur extra charges when using this payment method.